Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka 37.5% - 0.5L - Flavoured & unflavoured spirits
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Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka 37.5% - 0.5L

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Introducing Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka, the perfect blend of zesty lemon, tangy lime, and aromatic yarrow. This delightful vodka packs a punch with a 37.5% alcohol content, making it an ideal choice for those who love a little kick in their drinks. Crafted with care, this 0.5L bottle is just the right size for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own. Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing up a refreshing cocktail, Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Get ready to elevate your drinking experience with this unique and flavorful vodka! 🍋🍈🌿


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🍋💛 Say Hello to Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka 37.5% - 0.5L

Isn't it about time you discovered a new taste sensation? Well, guess what? Your vodka game is about to level up with the Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka, available online at Longdrink24.com. 🥂🎉

🌿 What is Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka?

Imagine a vodka that's as refreshing as a light breeze on a summer day. That's exactly what Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka 37.5% - 0.5L is! This vodka is a unique blend of natural ingredients, offering a tangy citrus flavor with a hint of aromatic yarrow. But what's the story behind this unique mix? Let's dive in.

🍋 A Twist of Lemon and Lime

The key players in this vodka are, of course, the lemon and lime. The vibrant citrus notes are the first to hit your palate, delivering a zesty punch that's both invigorating and refreshing.

🌼 The Magic of Yarrow

The yarrow plant adds a distinctive touch to the vodka. Known for its healing properties, yarrow offers a subtle, earthy flavor that perfectly complements the citrus notes. It's like a walk in a wildflower meadow, in a glass! 🌾

🛒 Why Buy Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka Online at Longdrink24.com?

Still need convincing? Here are some reasons why you should hit "add to cart" right now.

💻 Convenience

Buying online means no more long queues or crowded stores. Just a few clicks and your vodka is on its way to you.

🚚 Fast Delivery

Longdrink24.com is known for their speedy and reliable delivery. Why wait when you can have your vodka delivered right to your doorstep?

🔒 Secure Payments

Shopping online at Longdrink24.com is safe and secure. They offer multiple payment options, all protected by top-notch security measures.

🎁 Great Deals

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Longdrink24.com regularly offers discounts and deals on their products, meaning you can score this fantastic vodka for a great price.

🌍 Wide Selection

Longdrink24.com offers a wide range of spirits, including the Koskenkorva range. You can explore and discover new favorites.

🍹 How to Enjoy Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka

Now you're convinced, how should you savor this unique vodka? Here are some suggestions.

❄️ On the Rocks

Enjoy the pure taste of Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka by having it on the rocks. The chilled vodka will help heighten the citrus and yarrow flavors.

🍸 In Cocktails

The vodka's zesty flavor makes it a perfect base for cocktail creations. Try it in a classic vodka tonic or be adventurous and create your own mix.


So, are you ready to take your vodka experience to a whole new level? With its unique blend of lemon, lime, and yarrow, the Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka is a must-try. And with the convenience, fast delivery, secure payments, great deals, and wide selection offered by Longdrink24.com, there's no reason not to order this vodka online. What are you waiting for? 🎉🥂


Is the Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka suitable for vegans?

Yes, this vodka is suitable for vegans.

What's the alcohol content of this vodka?

This vodka has an alcohol content of 37.5%.

Where is Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow Vodka made?

This vodka is made in the village of Koskenkorva in Finland.

How is the vodka packaged?

The vodka is packaged in a 0.5L bottle.

Can I order the vodka if I'm outside the EU?

Yes, Longdrink24.com ships worldwide.
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